Cape Town Prints

About the Series

This series of images documents my relationship to the first city I chose to live in (I grew up in Pretoria and moving to Cape Town felt like the completing of a basic part of my identity). It’s also the city where I started my career, the city where I was living when I got married to my wife and the city in which my daughter was born. Although I have not lived in Cape Town for almost a decade now, visits to Cape Town (especially the Deep South where I mostly lived) always take me back to moments and memories of the my past. The city to me, is a living diary of a very fundamental period in my life.

On a visual level, the light and lines of the photographs in this series are mostly quite hard and direct, often looking into the sun. Many of the images have a street feel to them. My time in Cape Town represented the 1st time that I actually lived within a city, rather than in the far removed suburbs as I had for my my life previously. The gritty kind of harsh interplay of human elements and nature is very much a feature of this series. Viewing the hardness of “life” against the backdrop of this picture perfect postcard city.