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Garden Route

I visited the Garden Route every year during summer vacation’s since I was a little kid. It’s magic has been within me since. From kilometers of lovely beaches to lagoons, deep indigenous forest and the loveliest people, what’s not to love.


From a series of images about movement and the ocean. Using ICM (intentional camera movement), or static camera combined with long shutter speeds, the images in this series all feature movement and the resulting blurring and softening of detail and textural elements combined with the strengthening of form and shape.

Cape Town

Although not a native Capetonian, and no longer a full time resident, Cape Town was the backdrop to some of the most formative and meaningful years of my life.  I loved and struggled and had the sun on my cheek and the cold biting wind on my back. I love the gritty parts of Cape Town as much as the postcard covers, and as a photographer and lover of light and lines and texture, Cape Town is golden.


These limited edition landscape photographic prints feature  the Cape Overberg area, stretching from rugged coastline at the southern tip of Africa in Cape Agulhas to the rolling wheat fields on the inland areas of the Overberg. The Overberg area has a diverse natural beauty and is well worth exploring…