ICM Photographic Fine Art Prints…. From a series of images about movement and the ocean. Using ICM (intentional camera movement), or static camera combined with long shutter speeds, the images in this series all feature movement and the resulting blurring and softening of detail and textural elements combined with the strengthening of form and shape. They are not meant to represent any particular space or location, rather a period of time, illustrated by the ocean and light, be it sunlight or moonlight.

Print Specs

Giclée Prints

The Giclée Prints are museum quality prints using archival pigment ink printed on Photo Rag with a 2cm white border. Available sizes for Giclée Prints are 508 x 762mm or 270 x 406mm (short by long edge)

Luster Photo Paper Prints

The Photo Paper prints are printed on Premium Luster Photo Paper with a 2cm white border at 305 x 457mm (short by long edge)

Print Facilities and Shipping – Giclée Prints

All international orders are printed by Klien Imaging in the UK and shipped directly from their studio to your door. Shipping to the UK is $16.00, to the EU is $25 and to the rest of the world (except South Africa) is $32.00. Due to the difficulties and cost involved in shipping to South Africa all orders placed for South Africa are printed in South Africa and ship at a flat rate of $9.00

Print Facilities and Shipping – Luster Photo Paper Prints

All international (everywhere except South Africa) orders are printed by Printful in their printing facilities nearest to you and have the same shipping costs as listed above. Orders placed in South Africa are printed in South Africa and ship at $9.00